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You may bring your pets' own toys as long as they are clearly labeled. We will attempt to return these toys, however there is no guarantee.


Individual will be turned out to play either singly or with housemates they get along with. We will not allow dogs from separate households to play together.


Please bring instructions for your Veterinarian. An additional fee will be charged for all medications given. Please be sure to have enough of the medication for the entire stay with clear directions to how and when to administer medications.

Individual Needs

Private time, toy toss, senior times let us know what extra attention they need.


For an additional charge, your pet will be given a probiotic to attempt to prevent a GI upset.


The kennel feed Science Diet Dog and Cat foods. However, it is best not to change your pets diet. Please bring your own food. It will be fed according to your instructions. All food should be brought in a sealed container or individual baggies. Be sure that you bring enough food for the entire stay, have clear feeding instructions with your food. If we run out of your food we will feed our diet. All pets are fed morning and night.


A&E Pet Haven will provide bedding during your pets stay. If your pet chews the bedding provided, you will be charged the cost of the bed. You may bring your own bedding as long as it is from a smoke free house-hold AND clearly labeled.

Parasite Control

Your pet will be examined to external parasites ie fleas and ticks. If present they will be treated. You will be charged for the treatment.

Whether you are at work, running errands, attending kids sporting events, doggy day care service gives your pets an opportunity to enjoy continual interaction with our caring staff all day long. Should you require overnight or long term pet care we are here to fit your needs.